Dan is a Professional street bike stunt rider based out of Kansas City and has been riding motorcycles for 15 years. This year Dan won the XSBA National Street Freestyle Championship.
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I cannot stress how important some type of guidance is when improving your stunting skills. I highly recommend this course to any skill level rider. I designed this site out of my love for the sport, and for the heart and soul of stunting, the amateur stunters. Your quest for stunt secrets is over.
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With our professional, advanced, and basic stunts, Stuntology101 is for riders of all levels of skill and experience. All three divisions of Stuntology101 from pro to basic include in-depth lessons with video on every street bike stunt imaginable! You will get all of these techniques and lessons in the professional, advanced and basic divisions plus tons of extra tips.

Also, once you've signed up for Stuntology101, you'll gain access to "Stunting Safety", "Bike Setup", "Beginner Street Riders", "Stunting the Right Way/Wrong Way", examples of "How to Build a Resume", "How to Gain Sponsorships", access to "The Stuntology Message Boards", "Stunt Terms", and much, much more!

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  Learntostunt.com is a one year long online street bike stunt school where you can learn the secrets of stunting street bikes from a pro stunter right in the comfort of your own home. This is the only place to find on-line instruction for riders of all levels of skill and experience. At all of the other street bike schools you are expected to pay 100's of dollars per day and travel to the instructors location which can be hundreds of miles from your home. With Stuntology101, you pay one incredibly low price, and never even have to leave your home.

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